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   November, 2007

We Appreciate Your Donation
Please consider a DONATION to help us serve more students. Review details on our lean operation and streamlined, kids-focused budget, where we leverage every contribution dollar with 66 cents of in-kind donations from our generous corporate donors (Bradventures LLC, Jamba Juice, Clif Bar, Specialized Water Bottles, Globe footwear, Mrs. Mays Naturals, Modern Postcard and parent volunteers at each school site).

Media Coverage

NEW - KCRA Channel 3 Bananaman Skyridge Morning Mile (VIDEO)

Auburn Journal - Skyridge Morning Mile

News 10 Good Morning - Skyridge Olympics (VIDEO)

Auburn Journal - Rock Creek School

Douglas County, NV Record-Courier - Jacks Valley Elementary

Premier Sponsors

Big George Ventures LLC - our title sponsor has funded our program to ensure financial viability for the next three years. Big George is developing eco-friendly affordable housing in the Carson Valley area. They funded a spectacular new athletic complex at Douglas High School, another at South Tahoe Middle School, startup funding for an ambitious shuttle service between Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe, numerous other fitness and health-related programs to support a healthy community, both locally and beyond. Big George Principal Dr. Ray Sidney is Running School's Vice President and passionate endurance athlete.

Kaiser Permanente Thrive Program - This progressive health care company's Community Health Initiative supports Running School's grass roots effort to promote youth fitness and well being.

Gordo and Monica Byrn - Gordo Byrn is one of the world's most accomplished ultra-endurance athletes. He is the champion of the grueling 3-day Ultraman in Hawaii, consisting of a 6 mile swim/90-mile bike ride (day 1), 175-mile bike ride (day 2) and 52-mile run (day 3) and has placed in the top three in numerous Ironman Triathlon events around the world. Gordo and Monica's contribution amounted to supporting an entire new school (450 new runners) with the Running School program.

Karno Kids is a charitable organization devoted to encouraging, motivating and inspiring youth to get outside and become physically active, and to restore and preserve the environment for their use and enjoyment. The organization is operated by Dean Karnazes - aka "Ultramarathon Man", world champion ultramarathon runner, best-selling author, motivational speaker and healthy lifestyle advocate who Men's Fitness says "might just be the fittest man in the world."

The Great Scott Family Foundation - longtime supporters of health and fitness, including development and support of world-class professional triathletes.

Email now about how we can add your company to this list of generous sponsors!

Congratulations Runners on Great Spring Results - 86% Healthy Fitness Zone Achieved!

Now posted on the web site is data from Fall and Spring aerobic fitness distance race events at our partner schools. Data includes times at each race for each kid, percentage improvement (or regression), class average time and average improvement (or regression) and Healthy Fitness Zone time standards. The Healthy Fitness Zone is a baseline performance standard for each age, sex and grade that indicates a fitness/activity level that is optimal for good health and protection against inactivity related health problems such as obesity (developed by the Cooper Aerobics Institute in Dallas, TX).

Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) is the critical statistic for the Running School program, as we aim to elevate kids from unfit status into the Healthy Fitness Zone with improved distance race times. The California statewide average is 60% HFZ passing rate (from a 2005 CDE study of 5th graders), so our program participants deserve accolades for exceeding the standard substantially. Average among all 4,400 Running School participants was 86% passing grade! Details in the box below.

Welcome New Partner Schools

These schools joined us in the Spring semester, thanks to generous donations from those listed in this newsletter

  • Excelsior Elementary School in Roseville, CA. 470 kids in grades 4-6.
  • Northridge Elementary School in Fair Oaks, CA. 500 kids in grades K-6.
  • Dewey Fundamental School in Fair Oaks, CA. 438 kids in grades K-6.
  • 1st Street Elementary School in Lincoln, CA. 454 kids in grades K-5
  • Running School Future - Intensify Focus For Dramatic Impact

    As a young organization, we are constantly striving to make our program better and more effective. Our mission is to help kids improve health and physical fitness and develop positive attitudes towards personal challenge and competition. This requires a comprehensive effort from teachers, school administration, parents and the Running School organization. For the 2008-2009 school year, we will focus on "growing" our organization by intensifying our impact and committment to our existing partner schools, rather than spread out a less intensive program to more schools. This action involves more frequent visits to campus for a more comprehensive morning&afternoon program, auxiliary support in the form of teacher seminars and parent communication, plentiful healthy snacks and awards with healthy lifestyle messages for kids. We will also ask for more commitment from teachers to practice regularly with their kids between Running School events.

    Our expectation with this program template is to deliver extraordinary results, such as those achieved in our fourth year of program operation at our flagship school, Skyridge. At Skyridge, 96% of children have attained the Healthy Fitness Zone standard, and a remarkable 15 students have attained or exceeded the 100th percentile aerobic standard on the Presidental Fitness nationwide charts for age and sex. Furthermore, the school culture has transformed to make fitness and cardiovascular activity a centerpiece. Principal Doris Chandler has altered the morning bell schedule by five minutes to allow children to run on the new half-mile Skyridge Fitness Trail circling campus first thing in the morning. Kids run on their own during lunch at the Trekkers program (accumulating 1,500 miles annually). After school track and cross country team programs thrive each semester and teachers, students, parents and administrators generally bring great excitement and support to keep kids healthy and active every day.
    Here are the percentages of the student body who attained age and distance-adjusted standards for the FITNESSGRAM's Healthy Fitness Zone (several schools are, or will be, higher due to recent test results and gender distinction still to record on spreadsheets):
    • Auburn Elementary (Auburn, CA): 89% passing (up from 61% in the Fall)
    • Cambridge Heights Elementary (Citrus Heights, CA): 93% passing (up from 79%)
    • Dewey Elementary: 87% passing (up from 73%)
    • EV Cain Middle School: 79% passing (up from 60%)
    • Excelsior Elementary: 77% passing (up from 55%)
    • Jacks Valley Elementary (Minden, NV): 78% passing (up from 70%)
    • Northridge Elemetnary (Fair Oaks, CA): 80% passing (up from 62%)
    • Rock Creek Elementary (Auburn, CA): 91% passing (up from 83%)
    • Skyridge Elementary (Auburn, CA): 96% passing in year four of the program

    Drive to the finish for a new personal record!




    Excelsior kids tackle the new obstacle course!


    Kristy, Cassidy and Adelina pace Skyridge School - sub 3:00 club!




    Hurdles, tire jumps, zig zag course, tunnel crawl and more!


    Fresh Jamba juice smoothies at the finish line - what a treat!

    Brad Kearns
    Executive Director, Running School, Inc.

    Marathon Donors ($500+)
    Martin and Margaret Brauns
    Pat and Ron Herson
    Dr. Dave Kobrine
    Doug Mull
    Jerome Beauchamp
    Cheryl and Randy Maki
    Gail and Walter Kearns

    Half-Marathon Donors ($250+)
    Auburn Endurance Events/ Auburn Century
    Glenn Ace Goodstein
    Mark Kajiwara
    Dr. Steven "E" and Dr. Lori Kobrine
    Tri Sierra Tri Club, Rocklin, CA

    Miracle Mile Donors ($100+)
    Gerry Morton
    Jeff and Kathy Koester
    Dr. Kathleen Kearns
    Skip Outman
    Dave Fish
    Dr. Ross Porter
    Kathryn Russum and Chris Goodman
    Jon Stahley and Mary Milton
    Robert and Sue Benun
    Auburn Running Company - Dan Moores
    Rudy Dressendorfer
    Joe Cribben
    Timothy Monk
    Emilio DeSoto II
    Ciaran Byrne
    Janice Reome, CPA
    Jeff and Susan Kearns
    Kevin Taber
    Half-Mile Donors ($50)
    Marjorie Simington
    Jaime Wooten
    Larry Osborne
    Diana Hassel
    Eric and Paula Peach
    Jack Stewart
    Burt Repine
    Tim Sheeper
    Eric and Kathy Kobrine
    Daniel Helm
    Mary Ann Dunigan
    Suzanne Black
    Stan and Kristi Ling
    Pamela Royal Crown
    Jeff Ambrosia

    Quarter-Mile Donors ($25+)
    Bettie Spruill
    Jeannie Ennis
    Chris Brauns
    Thomas Donovan
    Neal Genda
    Angie Weinberger
    John Stroud
    Brett Elkins Traffic School
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